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» Sunday, July 25, 2010
Easy Bake Oven
Too hot, too hot, too hot. Seven people collapsed at a tennis championship game.

We went to BJs early for a few things, then to Kroger. It was quite hot, but we didn't want to stay inside all day.

What we did was go up to the BJs in Woodstock, listening to "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me" up and back. We had a coupon for $10 off one of four Disney films, several of which BJs already had on sale, so we ended up getting Finding Nemo for $4 (the BJs on the East-West Connector was out of Nemo, so we had to go find him <g>). Then James stopped for gas at the BJs station. I swear, it was like an Easy Bake oven, even in the shade. Not a breeze, no breath of air at all.

This convinced both of us to get the hell home. Watched Monday's Tonight Show ("Headlines" and Don Rickles), the last Futurama, Stossel, and finally the next four episodes of Doctor Who after "Amy's Choice." I see they brought the Silurians back without calling 'em Silurians. LOL. Now we have only the two-part season finale to watch.

Some species are managing in the heat: I glanced out the window at one point to see two mourning doves engrossed in courtship on the deck rail. He had his throat puffed, showing off the iridescent feathers of his neck, and the hen dove must have been impressed, since the affair preceded apace. Maybe we'll see some squabs in the future?

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