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» Sunday, July 18, 2010
Chillin' on the Inside, Humid Otherwise
After a week of frantic work, I was ready to chill out this weekend, and we did. Didn't even go to the farmer's market on Saturday morning, since we had purchased so many veggies last week we still had leftovers. Instead we slept in, then went out to Lithonia. We had an e-mail that the Borders at Stonecrest Mall was having a tent sale, so we went to see if they had any goodies. I was actually hoping for games or other things, and on that we struck out, but we did find four gifts, and I discovered a book called The Parrot Who Thought She Was a Dog, and also picked up Christopher Plummer's autobiography. How can you resist a book that begins "I was brought up by a dog"?

We came home via downtown, which was almost a mistake, as there were three accidents in a row on the connector, but they were minimally intrusive (save for the gawpers) in the right breakdown lane, and thankfully no one was hurt. We arrived back in Cobb County in time for a steamy rain as we stopped to pick up something, and then went to the hobby shop. I was mostly reading Lillian Gilbreth's biography, but I perked when three of the regulars started discussing their type of insulin and the doses, and what was the best thing to drink if you needed sugar quickly. Remember how we laughed at our parents, standing around talking with their friends about their ailments and their prescriptions?

When we were finished there, we treated ourselves to dessert first (Bruster's) and then asked each other if there was anything else we wanted to do. It was already getting late (after four), so we just went by Dragon and picked up Chinese for supper and made Willow's night by staying in with her. Watched "the crazy lady" (my mom's description of Keeping Up Appearances) and then it was time for chat. Especially waiting for Jen to come on to tell us all about her sister Meg's wedding!

Tried not to sleep in too late this morning, because it makes sleeping at night difficult. Shopping was much better this morning: we went to BJs for Kleenex and granola bars, then by Publix for the twofers (more Ranier cherries!), and then Kroger. Came home for a bit, had a small lunch, then went to the International Farmer's Market for more sesame oil. I was flabbergasted to walk in and find "white cherries" (Raniers) for $2—much less than we'd found them at a buy-one, get-one price. Plus they had green grapes for 69¢/pound. Zowee! We need to start doing our fruit shopping here.

Stopped at Borders to walk around and pick up the July British Country Living; the new Shop Smart was out as well. Then came home and listened to "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me," tidied up some things, read the paper.

James made something different tonight. We picked up a small package of ground pork at Kroger. He browned it, then poured the fat off and rinsed it, then cooked it with a package of Knorr's Italian Sides, a tomato parmesan with small ziti, and some mushrooms. It was quite yummy and there was enough for a lunch each left over.

Still chillin'. Back to those 60+ POs tomorrow.

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