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» Saturday, June 19, 2010
Yesterday, Today, But Not Yet Tomorrow
A long haul yesterday. Usually the Friday I work is nice because it's my eight-hour day instead of nine hours, but I had to give up my lunch hour because I had to run to Kaiser. My own silly fault: I only had five atenolol left when I loaded my pill sorter for the week. I put in a mail order the moment I noticed (Sunday), but they didn't mail until Wednesday. I took the last pill on Thursday, so I had to get some extra pills just in case they didn't arrive (our mailman sometimes doesn't come until after six, so I couldn't just wait—Kaiser might have been closed by the time the mail came). Plus I had to wait until Alex and Paolo came to cut the lawn because I had to unlock the gate for them.

Of course, typical of life, as February Callendar would say, the pills did arrive in the mail.

I was excited because I have one very complicated order, for some biological samples, that I hoped to get done this afternoon since I had the additional funding the order needed. Alas, the vendor wasn't in our system. We used to be able to click a checkbox and get the vendor pulled into the system, but then they updated something and now the vendor has to be put in manually. Yeah, I know, not much of an upgrade. :-)

After supper we did something long delayed: bought battery backups for the computers. We have surge protectors only right now.

Got home in time to watch American Masters doing Walter Cronkite; always enjoyable to rewatch. I still get goosebumps when Cronkite does the special bulletin announcing President Kennedy has been shot. When that was finished, turned on the DVR, which was still recording an old Ivan Tors film, Around the World Under the Sea. Great 60s cast: Brian Kelly, Lloyd Bridges, Shirley Eaton, David McCallum, Marshall Thompson, and the always watchable Keenan Wynn. Sadly, rather tepid...took them 40 minutes just to assemble the cast and get to the plot! (Planting sensors on the ocean floor to give early warning for earthquakes.)

James had to work today. I thought about going to the farmer's market, but by the time I got up, had my oatmeal and yogurt, and got out, it was 10:30, with no close parking, and almost 90°F. No tramping over hot asphalt for me, thanks. I went to the "Firefly Frenzy" at JoAnn armed with coupons and found a bargain: corner shelves! The corner shelves we've been using in the spare room keep falling down. These anchor on a nail, and have a support underneath, so they should be stable. They have to be painted, but that is a Project. I can handle Projects.

Also bought two "spring" garlands of zinnia-like flowers that were 70 percent off; they are yellow and orange and yellow-shading-to-orange which are summery as well as matching the autumn theme.

Stopped at Borders, picked up two bargain books, one about the Pilgrims, one about early cartography/a map by Amerigo Vespucci, but did not find a new Early American Life. Had to fight my way down Barrett Parkway to the Barnes & Noble for that.

But this was lucky because it gave me a chance to drop in at CD Warehouse, where I found something cool: the DVD set for the Swiss Family Robinson. This is not the Disney film, nor the ABC series with Martin Milner and Cameron Mitchell (featuring a very young Helen Hunt), nor the more recent series with Richard Thomas as the father, but the 1970s Canadian-produced series with Chris Wiggins and Diana LeBlanc, one of the shows syndicated after the prime time access ruling took place. In this version, as in all of them, they've pared the kids down to three, making one of them female: Ernest, the older boy; Franz, the younger, and Marie, the youngest. It's very slow-paced, but I remember it with fondness. Chris Wiggins always seemed like he'd be a great father.

In fact, I came home, warmed up some soup, and watched three episodes. Also washed the kitchen floor and vacuumed again. Honestly, I understand where the birdseed comes from, but where do all these other little chips of things come from? Especially the bits of leaves, since we wipe Willow's paws every time we take her out and wear different shoes to take her out in the yard, and have a rug both in the garage and inside the front door.

Had supper at Ruby Tuesday, dessert at Brusters, and stopped at Michael's for some paint and finally bought new chair mats at Office Depot. This was the least expensive I've found them. We figured out that James' chair mat is fifteen years old...and it looks it, too. You can't walk on it barefoot; the cracks pinch!

And now they are in place and feet can walk safely again. LOL.

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