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» Sunday, June 27, 2010
West Meets East
We went back in time this morning. Well, at least one hour. We drove to Alabama to get some supplies for Independence Day, and I was amused to watch my Droid reset to Central Time as we crossed the border. Otherwise we listened to yesterday's Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me. Didn't buy much, didn't stay very long. Came back by Arbor Place Mall, stopped, and took a stroll around the mall for some exercise. Stopped at the Yankee Candle store and discovered they have a couple of nice new scents: maple pancake and spiced orange. Listened to This Week in Tech (the iPad premiere week segment) on the way home and now am watching Banacek.

[LATER: Cool! "Rocket to Oblivion" featured Roy Poole, who played Stephen Hopkins in 1776. Second season seemed to show more Boston filming. "Rocket" sure looks like the externals were filmed at Hynes Auditorium. Also spied the Esplanade and one corner of the Common (not sure if it was near Beacon or Park Streets). One of the opening shots was a pan of City Hall Plaza (and that plug-ugly City Hall) when it was barely five years old.]

Incidentally, I've talked about a book called The Next Exit. Apparently there's an iPhone app that does the same thing, iExit. Sadly, it's only for iPhones. However, if you own a smartphone with a web browser, you can use a version of the app here.

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