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» Sunday, June 13, 2010
Sunday in the House With James
We woke up reluctantly, wanting to sleep a bit later. We had stayed up late to talk to Jen, who is the midst of her wonderful travels, and sleeping in sure looked good. But so did getting to Kroger before the killing heat began (the weather report predicted mid-90s today). So we grabbed a SpecialK bar and went off to the grocery for bread and milk and ended up spending $80. Ah, well, we did get something for dinner and some yummy-looking pork chops for tomorrow's dinner.

And we checked the progress of "the ditch" as usual. It looks like they are having to build another bridge. I was wondering if this was going to be done by Christmas, but the web page states next spring.

Just going to the grocery store decided us: we weren't going anywhere today. We tidied up, James changed the air conditioner filters, and we worked on the computers. James did get a note from Microsoft directing him to a file at Kaspersky, which James ran and found another bit of the virus. After this, the popups stopped and we were able to get to Windows update, download ActiveX (the virus had blocked it), and download the updates. Then he ran Microsoft Security Essentials again, and Malwarebytes. Malware found a couple of things, and later James downloaded AdAware and that found another bit.

So whether it's actually gone now is problematic. But it's not showing any manifestations so far.

I had an old backup hard drive that was divided into virtual drives. James showed me how to get rid of the partitions (after I had checked it one more time for files and discovered there were a few things I hadn't copied back) and reformat. So I can use that for a backup drive, too.

We had a nice steak for supper with a cucumber-and-tomato salad, and watermelon for dessert. Watching the Tony Awards.

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