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» Thursday, June 17, 2010
Summer of My Discontent, the 2010 Version
Struggling at work right now; I have a fourth quarter workload and it's only mid-June. Everything needs so much work—documents that aren't there, line items that need to be included or revised, advertisements...I feel like I'm juggling milk bottles and scimitars, and it getting harder to keep them in the air.

The weather is breathtaking—literally. Yesterday at lunch I was restless and tired of being cooped up. Stepped out the door and it was like walking into a bathroom after someone's taken a hot shower, without the steam. I went over to Borders with a 40 percent off coupon to buy Rebirth of a Nation, which just came out in paperback. I found another clear plastic accordion file that I can use for work in case the one I'm using now breaks; that was a real fear, last year and right now, as it's crammed with over 45 purchase requests. It's not as good as the one I have, since it has a latch and a handle instead of a flap, which means I could not close it right now if I had to use it. I would probably just cut the handle portion off and use a rubber band to keep it closed.

Today I worked until way after five, then took Willow outside. A squall was building up, the wind pulling the heavy gate to the backyard shut on me. I went to the mailbox and was reading a postcard enclosed, something about a class-action suite against Nationwide, and I heard the banner on the porch snap as the wind blew it straight out. The same wind snatched the card from my hand, spun it in circles down the width of the driveway, and into a three-point landing right into the storm drain!

Hope it wasn't something I needed to respond to. :-)

With the wind came some cool air, so I sat on the porch in one of the new chairs and waited for James to come home. There was a brief spray of rain, with the heavy scent of water in the air, but the drops evaporated the moment they hit the hot concrete. The weather radio wailed for a while, then everything passed and the sky was comfortably cloudy for the rest of the night.

Also got a load of clothes finished (folding) and James' compression socks washed and dried, swept the downstairs hall, vacuumed the stairs, and cleaned the upstairs toilets. What fun. We watched Monday's Tonight Show (with "Headlines," of course) and something called How Summer Saved the World or whatever, that I recorded earlier in the month: how summer was responsible for the creation of the Pyramids (Nile floods), the Louisiana Purchase (Napoleon's disastrous campaign in Haiti during the summer), summer blockbusters (due to "air cooled" movie houses), etc. Light fluff, appropriate for the brain drain that is summer.

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