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» Tuesday, June 29, 2010
So The Madness Begins...
I had fifteen orders assigned to me yesterday and today. Half of them are over $25,000 and need to be advertised. The others have questions, or need quotations, etc. Not an "easy" one among them all. Fun City, folks.

Did see something lovely this morning: the last few weeks I have heard the same hawk cries at work that we hear outside around the deck. The birds at the feeder snatch a seed and sit there crunching it with their heads cocked, one eye full up to the sky.

This morning as I drove into the little hollow where I park under the trees, I could see the hawk swooping right in front of me, landing on a low-slung, broken tree branch. Then, to my surprise, I saw a second hawk fly from that area in the opposite direction, to disappear into the trees. I hauled all my stuff out of the car and walked down the parking lot, not getting too close, but closer to see the hawk, who just stared back at me curiously. I wonder if it is a male and a female and they will be raising chicks? That would be so cool...

The weather report has noted something astounding: a high of only mid-80s predicted tomorrow! It's been in the 90s for most of the month of June. It's a sad commentary when you're happy because it's "only" going to be 85°F!

Watched DVR'd Leno (what, no Headlines????) and Stossel tonight, but am having a hard time pulling my nose out of The Fourth Part of the World. Super book!

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