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» Friday, June 11, 2010
Sizzle Factor
Well, it's 90° out on the deck right now (in the shade), which explains why I wanted to go out early this morning. First I slept in, until about quarter to nine. This was later than I wanted, but my body was sucking up sleep like a proverbial sponge. Was afraid I'd have problems this morning, like the rest of the week, but everything was calm. Had oatmeal, yogurt, and milk, then set out for JoAnn. I was hoping they had under-the-bed boxes in their copious supply of plastic storage boxes, but no. I will need to go to Lowes. So I just grabbed the new Cross Stitcher and went on to Office Max, looking for the clear plastic mats that go under office chairs. James' is five or six years old and crazed like pavement after a bad winter. Goodness, they're expensive! So I decided to compare some prices before buying.

Stopped Bed, Bath and Beyond, where I bought a new little table for the front porch with my coupon. While I was looking at the "scratch'n'dent" section midaisle, I found a perfectly good glass cutting board marked down to $4 because one of the sides wasn't even. I'll take it!

Headed back to Dallas Highway and decided to see if "Swoozie" at the Avenue at West Cobb was still having their going-out-of-business sale. Alas, it was over, so I stopped at Barnes & Noble and bought a bargain book on birds/birdwatching and Richard Belzer's I Am Not A Cop from the remainder pile.

I had a wild hare to stop at Target, so I did. Basically what I got was exercise, which I didn't mind, it being in air-conditioned heaven. While I was there, Georgia Monsoon Season broke out for about ten minutes, but by the time I emerged, the clouds were already racing east. Nipped in next door at Staples, where it looks like the mats are the same price. I guess we got our originals on sale, because I don't remember paying $45 for them last time!

Stopped by Publix on the way to Lowes, but ended up not going to the latter because of stopping at the former: the twofers were pretty sparse, but I did buy some perishables, so I had to come directly home. Put those up and straightened up the spare room some, then switched the idiot box on and there was Barry Manilow singing on Racheal Ray's program—so I figured I'd watch Foul Play. (Yes, it follows...)

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