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» Sunday, June 20, 2010
Ridin' on the UPS...
Unlike Charlie on the MTA, though, we finally got off.

We had grocery shopping to do this morning, the usual terrible summer race between car and heat to get the milk and the perishables home. Even with the insulated bags, the stuff is starting to get warm by the time we get in the door. Did get some good twofers at Publix as well as salad and chicken for supper, and a nice steak for Monday's supper at Kroger.

Once all that was put up, we went to Northern Tool for an adjustable cargo bar for the back of the truck. Now the shopping bags won't slide all over the truck bed and we don't have to bungee-cord them together to keep them from doing so. From there we went to WalMart. Since we didn't have a mortgage payment for June, we've been stocking up on some things we need. Our luggage is about fifteen years old and the plastic supports in the larger, 27" suitcase have been crumbling for years, plus the wheels don't work properly anymore, and the handles on the 21-inch suitcase were bent sometime during our last vacation, so that they do not extend properly anymore. So we replaced the 27" with a 29" and the 21" with another of the same size, both in red. If we ever fly again, they will be easier to see at baggage claim. The 19" is still in good shape (it's the newest, at about ten years old), so we will keep that.

James also got some new pocketed T-shirts and two pairs of diabetic stockings, and I picked up two road atlases. I can't figure out why these are so expensive at bookstores; they cost over twice as much! Of course the ones at the bookstores usually have extras in them: a list of National Parks, or a list of festivals around the country. I just want a map book, and one that doesn't have info that expires once the year is over! I love my GPS, but I'm not going anywhere without a real map.

We spent the rest of the afternoon installing the UPS units. Mine was easier because there were only the computer/monitor and the printers to connect. But James' desk backs on to the Expedit room divider and we had to extract one cord behind it and get another one in its place (accomplished with a wire coat hanger; useful gadgets those), and the wires under his desk resemble a couple of octopi having a fight. (Another problem is that the top portion of the desk is no longer secured, so we have to be careful in moving things.) We discovered in reattaching wires that he had a sound cord extension he didn't need, a piece of telephone cord that went nowhere, and something that did look like an octopus that wasn't needed. All the cords were neatly tied off, one at the time; we rebalanced the top; and the octopi were cut down to one.

Warm work, though, and the supper salad was much welcome, after which we watched To Kill a Mockingbird. This is such a wonderfully crafted movie. I hope no one ever tries to remake it, especially for a stupid reason like the film not being in color. The black and white so fits a film where everything is not "black and white." Was there ever an actor that fit a role so perfectly as Gregory Peck did Atticus Finch? Mary Badham and Philip Alford are at once both brilliant and natural.

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