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» Friday, June 04, 2010
No Surprises but One
I'd like to claim I had some wild adventures this week which kept me away from blogging, but the truth is more pedestrian: I was either working (with rather aggravating side trips to the bathroom) or loading software on the desktop. And loading, and setting up (like Eudora and HTML Pro 2000 and mIRC). Occasionally I had a minute or two to glance out the window at the birds at the feeder. Yesterday there were three blue jays availing themselves of the spilled seeds (the red-bellied woodpecker does a creditable imitation of an old-time sower when he eats, flicking seed to every point of the compass), and one of the jays actually hopped on the deck railing to scavenge. Today I discovered that the welfare cheats of the bird world, the cowbirds, were back: both the male and the female taking advantage of the feeder.

It actually cleared up today after a little bit of rain, rather than it raining all afternoon as the forecast suggested; a good thing, too, since the guys showed up to cut the lawn about 4:10. By this time I had a headache from trying to catch up on phone messages, e-mails, requests for modifications, and even a few orders.

We did have a whopper of a thunderstorm Wednesday night. The claps boomed so loudly that Willow took refuge in James' lap. Luckily it had all gone away by bedtime, although we did lose half of Mythbusters and I had to set it up to record a second time.

We had supper at Giovanni's tonight, picked up a few things at BJs, stopped at Borders (new Monk novel out!), and then headed home. James was going to put the memory he bought and the new processor into his computer. Surprise! The memory worked out fine, but the processor did not work at all, which explains why my old computer didn't work with the new parts. It's all in bits now, some being kept for spare parts, but I want my floppy drive back, and the DVD player, and possibly the video card.

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