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» Wednesday, June 30, 2010
Long Day's Journey into Day
A long, long day. Had a rush order, another order that didn't go well, two I was prepping, and more e-mails than a barrel of monkeys. During lunch hour I finished putting up the Independence Day decorations (yeah, I've been a slug, but when I go into work, I'm dog tired when I get home and my eyes ache like the dickens, and I don't want to do anything but take off my glasses), cleaned off the dining room table, and quickly sanded the three unpainted corner shelves. It occurred to me while I was fiddling around with them that I am like my dad: I hate doing the prep work. I love doing the painting and the flourishes, but the sanding, the priming, the fix-up, the's all dullness up to the Big Show. Dad was like that, too: he always wanted to make nice things, but he got impatient during the prep. I have to curb my impatience.

But I never did eat lunch, and when I finished work, I vacuumed upstairs, swept the foyer, put up several of the white corner shelves in the laundry room where they actually fit and stocked them (sponges, light bulbs, other light things), started a load of clothes, took some boxes downstairs, and walked the dog. So by the time I finally ate, I was feeling decidedly odd—probably low blood sugar—and my heart was going pitty-pat a bit quickly. So James was nice enough to put the clothes in the dryer for me, and I cooled off and felt better after a while.

Watched the pilot movie to Banacek tonight, Detour to Nowhere. It was actually a bit overlong, but we did find out how Banacek met his chauffeur Jay Drury (real name D'Annuzzio) and also why he was always thumbing his nose at insurance companies and modern gadgets (one hired his father, then replaced him with a computer), and also showed him scornful of Government Center, because he'd grown up in Scollay Square. Interesting background while Banacek is sculling on the Charles: there behind him is the new John Hancock Tower, under construction (before all the glass windows started merrily popping out).

Oh, during lunch I also downloaded the free Kindle app for Android. It's a nice interface: the typeface looks a lot like the Aldiko Reader I already have on the phone, and you can choose three different backgrounds at different levels of brightness. I scrolled through the free books and found a "Girls' Own" magazine from the 1800s. Not sure if I would ever actually buy an e-book; the closest I came was the e-book release of Ariel a few years ago, which had an extra chapter and some other passages that had been cut, but I never got around to it and now it's been republished like that. I mean, if I spend money on a book I want a book, not an e-book. I know folks that love their Kindles, or Sony Readers...a co-worker was just talking about getting hers...and I know it would be nice not to carry books on vacation...but–

I guess I'm just old-fashioned. I like the covers, the paper, the scent of the ink. I just like books as well as what's in them.

I guess in that way I'm a little like Banacek myself. :-)

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