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» Saturday, June 05, 2010
It's Just Too Darn Hot
Went to the Farmer's Market this morning. It was already humid, and it was extraordinarily crowded. Never been bumped about so much or had to jockey so much to get to the front of the stall. Worse, my tummy was acting up. We wandered about, bought some corn on the cob, flavorful tomatoes (if they taste like the sample, which I hopeā€”it was luscious), cucumbers, a baguette, a croissant each for breakfast, some chicken salad and some pimento cheese spread, and turkey pot pie for supper tomorrow night. All the traffic lights were out around downtown and we had to make our way home the long way around. The power failure went quite a few miles away from the downtown area.

We had to get home because we had an appointment to have Willow's last staple removed this morning. Luckily we checked the traffic map before getting on the freeway because there was a huge accident on I-285 eastbound, with three lanes blocked, so we did surface streets, arriving only five minutes late. The parking lot at the vet's office was full, and it was already scorching as we trudged to the door from the last parking space available. The staple removal took five minutes, and then we took Miss Wil home.

Next it was off to MicroCenter and the hobby shop. We went by way of Publix, where they had oatmeal on sale...just in time as I am on my last packet at work and last few packets at home. James noticed some sale variety packs of the Nature Valley granola bars he likes, and if you bought one, you got three Yoplait yogurt cups free! So he bought two and we brought home five yogurts (I ate one on the road, hoping to assuage my irritated digestion; it didn't work, as I found out painfully later).

At MicroCenter, James traded in the processor he just bought, as it didn't work, and I bought an enclosure for my old hard drive.

Next sat reading Blount's Alphabet Juice at the hobby shop, positioning myself close to the fan, attempting to cool off. The heat was beginning to make me sick, but I finally did feel a bit better and suggested we stop at the other Publix (near MicroCenter), since I'd only been able to get three boxes of oatmeal. Nabbed four more there.

On the way to Borders my stomach started to cramp again. I had to rush inside, a problem made worse by the escalator (the store is on the second level) being out. By this time, I was also nauseated, so bought the first book in a new mystery series (a manor house curator) and James drove me home.

Actually having supper settled my tummy a bit; I hadn't really eaten a lot all day. We had leftover pork ribs; I ate lean meat only, with some of the baguette and a glass of milk.

Working more on the computer tonight: got the old hard disk put into its enclosure while watching the Belmont Stakes, and went through the various files making sure everything had gotten copied off. For instance, I had not backed up the latest versions of some of my web pages, so I did so first.

We had turned up my old hard disk from 2006, which James had bought an enclosure for months ago, and I hitched that up and looked through those files next. I found some graphics I thought I might not have backed up, and tried to copy them. A few did copy, but some of them locked up Windows Explorer. I had an I/O error on one and some other kind of copying error on another. These were just bitmap scans of books I already had, but it was annoying.

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