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» Wednesday, June 09, 2010
Just before we left for our association meeting tonight, James was on Facebook and also looking at another web page. All of a sudden one of those fake "security systems" popped up and started running, saying he had a virus. He closed it down and logged off, but apparently that was all the time it needed to install itself. It wouldn't let us run AVG, or run Windows Updates, or even go to Microsoft's site.

We had to go to the meeting, which was at the Smyrna Community Center. As usual, only a few people showed up. But there was a sign downstairs saying that non-community members would now have to pay to use the exercise equipment. I thought only community members could use it at all! Plus it said the walking track was still free! Yow! You mean I could have gone there all along? I will have to go over Friday and see if that is true. I would love to use the walking track!!!

Anyway, while we were waiting for people to show up, I did some research on the virus, and when we got home, we kept trying to find out how to get this thing. The trouble is, this thing has been around for a while and each year the file names change. We did find out some files to delete and I downloaded Microsoft Security Essentials on my own computer and, after two mis-starts where it told me it couldn't update, I finally got it to engage and scan. It found six different viruses on his computer. And it says it got them.

But I still can't get to Windows updates through Internet Explorer. Bother.