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» Friday, June 25, 2010
The Friday That Looked Like a Saturday
This was because James worked last Saturday, and somehow amazingly ended up with a Friday off; not only a Friday off, but one that coincided with my compressed day off.

What we'd talked about was getting up early and driving out to Discover Mills, early enough to be on the way home wayyyyy before Friday rush hour. Well, I woke up at nine, but I was spoiling for a migraine, so I took something and went back to bed for fifteen minutes.

Which explains why we got out of bed over 90 minutes later. So much for that: Friday rush hour starts about 3 p.m., so we would have had barely an hour to do anything before having to leave.

Instead we went to the Borders at East Cobb, so I could stop at Fuzziwig's across the way to pick up some watermelon candies. They didn't have many and they were all sticky. Ugh. Good thing I only have one every couple of days. Stopped at Trader Joe's, too, for chicken-apple sausage and other things, and the Publix on Johnson Ferry Road, which is the only place we can find small whole-wheat low-carb tortillas, and briefly at the hobby shop, then came home by Dragon to pick up dinner.

After dinner we went to Lowes, and next door to Borders to pick up the book I wanted (it wasn't at East Cobb, but I did get a new Yankee there). I'm really interested in Alison Arngrim's book, Confessions of a Prairie Bitch, but I'll probably reserve it at the library. Paging through it is jaw-dropping: her brother (the cute kid-with-the-dog from Land of the Giants!) was molesting her and later used drugs, and her parents were clueless throughout. Absolutely incredible.

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