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» Thursday, June 10, 2010
Long day. Got some things done, but didn't feel like I really accomplished anything useful. I must have a dozen orders I still haven't even printed out. Couldn't do one order because I need a "may I?" for it, and two others because the vendors have to be added to our system manually, not automatically like they used to.

I scanned James' computer again with both Microsoft Security Essentials and Malwarebytes. It's not showing anything, but I still can't get to Windows Updates. He went in later and reset Internet Explorer to its defaults, and he could get to Microsoft's site again, but it won't let him download the ActiveX control it needs to access the updates menu. Frazzled. Scared it will migrate across the network.

Weather report has 90+ through Tuesday and then 89 a couple days after that. Ugh. Summer. I feel like a bird flapping its wings against a cage. Freedom only means going outside into heated air impossible to breathe.

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