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» Sunday, June 06, 2010
Too Many Busy Things
We didn't mean it to be such a busy day; it just happened, and after a nice long sleep, too.

Went out to MicroCenter to return the processor, motherboard, and video card James bought intending to build me a new computer. They would only give him store credit because things had been opened, so we decided to get him a new monitor. He has an old CRT that pulls a lot of power. We can donate that and help the electric bill a bit.

Then took my car out to go for the weekly milk and other groceries so I could gas up at the same time. By the time we walked into Publix (still stocking up on oatmeal!) I wanted to stay out of the weather—not strikingly hot, but the kind of humid that makes you sticky and sick—so we bought everything there, including the milk, and just went to Kroger for gasoline.

The weather was in and out all day: we drove into rain spatters followed quickly by sun, from sunshine to clouds, from areas where the ground was soaked and then crossed a line and all was strictly dry.

James shifted the big bulky monitor off his desk and had one big ooops! He had a shadowbox up on the top shelf of the desk (it's a big corner desk with various levels) with some small figurines and airplanes in it, and the thing did a header off the shelf, breaking some of the little things in the process. Just need to clean it off and put some larger models up there; I've been afraid that thing was going to take a tumble some day.

With the CRT gone the desk looks much neater; there will be enough room for the sorter James uses for the bills. But we spent so much time fooling around with it that we did not have time to warm the turkey pie for supper; we had beef bits with carrots and celery instead.

I got a bit stressed out privately about something and now am in the bathroom again. All I have to do is get upset to start things "going." This happened to my mom all the time as she got older. I would have rather inherited her "can do" temperament, thanks. ::sigh::

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