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» Saturday, June 12, 2010
The Bad and the Good
Last night was...weird.

We went to Fresh2Order for supper. I was going to have the creamy chicken vegetable soup, but they hadn't made it. They were trying chicken minestrone instead, but I was afraid the tomato would make me sick. (They offered me a free cookie instead; we split it for dessert.) So I had my favorite long plate, the bourbon beef with wheatberry rice. Had half of each, and ate all of the salad greens, took the leftovers, went to Costco to gas up the truck.

It was terribly warm, especially around the mall. We went to Bed, Bath and Beyond and bought the two little bistro chairs that had caught our eye last week. These are for the front porch; the rockers are simply too big for the space. We put the chairs in place when we got home, and our tiny front porch looks so big now!

We hadn't been to Hobby Lobby in a while, so we went there. Bumped into the Spiveys several times as we wandered about the store. Delightfully, HL already had their fall stuff out! Garlands, picks, autumn trim, pumpkins. The resins were on sale and I was quite taken with two fall angels with their wings made from leaves, and cutouts of leaves on the wings and skirt. They were holding various things. I bought one with the angel holding a turkey and a basket of fall fruit and James got me one with the angel holding an armful of wheat. They are now on the mantel, each bracketing the clock.

Now, pretty soon after supper ended I started developing a headache. I thought it was from the heat, so as soon as we arrived home from Hobby Lobby I got into cooler clothes. I was feeling...odd, like I was still hungry, but my salad was coming up on me. So I had some oatmeal. No sooner had a finished with it than I had to run into the bathroom. My heart rate was a bit fast and I realized I was starting to panic. I had James get me some water, and, when I was feeling shaky, a Claritin in case this was some sort of allergic reaction. I sat trying to take deep breaths so I didn't start shaking, because I was trembling a bit already. For about a half hour, I was afraid he'd have to take me to the emergency room. And then, a few minutes after I had the Claritin, it calmed down.

Unfortunately I still had the headache, but that was solved by three ibuprofin and lying down on the sofa. It was so sweet: Willow followed me the entire time, staying with me.

In the meantime, James continued wrestling with his computer. We have used Microsoft Security Essentials and Malwarebytes, which has been a godsend before, but he cannot get rid of the virus he picked up on Wednesday. We still can't get to Windows updates and if he tries to search on "remove virus" on the computer, it finds sites, but the links take you elsewhere. (This is the same dang virus he had last year.)

Anyway, we didn't get to the farmer's market this morning. I didn't set my alarm last night for obvious reasons, and we both snoozed until ten. James made me some grilled cheese English muffins. And then we spent more time messing with James' computer. It suddenly let us get to the Microsoft One Care Live site, which is what helped his computer last year, so we ran that scan before going out. First we took some things to Goodwill, including the two rocking chairs.

We were just going to go by Harry's to drop off the plastic bags for recycling, but they were selling hamburgers for the Humane Society, and we needed a few vegetables anyway, so we shopped at Harry's, then picked up lunch. Good burgers, too, plain, not overly seasoned. From there we went to the hobby shop, where we ate our lunch and talked, and then I sat reading Mr. Monk and the Dirty Cop (I let out a pealing laugh during this one; there's a very funny inside joke that gets "insider" as the story continues) until I just got too warm. The weather is awful, temps up in the 90s. The only saving grace is a very small breeze that keeps it from being endlessly breathless.

When we got home, One Care Live said there were no viruses on James' computer, just that his had disk needed defragging. Which of course is a lie, since he still can't get to Windows Updates, and when he went to my blog, he got a popup ad saying he was the 1000th visitor or something and urging him to click on it. Gah.

Just ate leftovers for supper and kept cool. Watched "Amy's Choice," which was very strange, but mind-bending. So, was the creepy little guy in the bow tie the Valeyard?

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