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» Thursday, June 24, 2010
Another Day, Another Dollar
Not much going on: very busy with work. Finished something today that's been delayed for months. Yay! Still listening to podcasts: a "This Week in Tech" yesterday, along with a Whocast, and a travel with pets entry that was just okay. It sounds like they're going to profile lots of expensive resorts where you can take your pet. Today I listened to several segments of "History of the World in 100 Objects," a Leo Laporte "Tech Guy" from April (more waffling about the iPad, of course), and BBC History Magazine's podcast for April 2010.

Oh, and one more, the Doctor Who "Podshock" #1 from 2005, broadcast before the US telecasts of the new series had begun, and just as David Tennant had been cast! Very funny to hear everyone's unfamiliarity with John Barrowman and them speculating if Tennant will use his Scots accent! How things change in just five years. :-)

Just finished reading a corker of a book, Nick of Time (a throwback to those great young adult adventure books, with Nazis, pirates, a loyal dog, a plucky boy and his equally plucky little sister, spies...much fun!), and am now re-reading Steven Boyett's Ariel, one of my favorites from the 1980s, just recently republished before the publication of Boyett's sequel, Elegy Beach.

Oh, and new Futurama episodes tonight, too! Man, if I were Amy, I would have run away from home, too. I hope they don't have Zap Brannigan in every other episode. He's about as bad as the Daleks...

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