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» Friday, May 07, 2010
Yet Another Workweek
Not much news from here this week. Listened to podcasts, or music, tossed an occasional aside to Schuyler, and did orders. Received an absolutely astonishing phone call today that I will have to follow up on Monday when my team lead is back in the office. Spent about fifteen minutes with my jaw dropped, though.

I would like to say I am making progress finger-taming Schuyler (yes, after three years!), but it's not much. If I hold my finger parallel to the branch perch that is closest to the front (and top) of the cage, and then make an enticing sound—depending on her mood, either saying "Schuyler, come here, I want to talk to you," or kissing, or loudly humming the quadruple opening beat of the Doctor Who theme (I did mention that Skye is massively in love with the Doctor Who theme, didn't I?)—she will scramble up and sit on the branch/finger combo, but only with one foot. The other is clutched to the side of the cage so that if that finger starts moving, she can give it a nip and then clamber off. She is a funny little lady.

Had a rude surprise when my package came from Amazon. I ordered a spare battery for James' phone and it has a funny little bulge on the side that is supposed to contact with the charger. Because of the bulge, it won't fit in the charger, or the phone, either, so I have contacted the vendor and asked for an RMA number and return postage.

And Alex never showed up, which was puzzling.

We had a simple supper at Ken's Corner Grill. This is in a building that looks like it used to be a Waffle House or maybe a Huddle House, or may just be built in that style, with the grill out where you can see it. The food is plain but usually good. We had beef on the grill last night and I had beef leftovers for lunch, so I didn't want more beef and didn't feel like chicken. We know we can get pork chops at Ken's.

Then we had small cones of ice cream for dessert at Brusters, wandered around Borders for a while, then came home. I have Schuyler on the tray table at the opposite end of the sofa and she just finished giving me a serenade, while Miss Willow is sitting in Daddy's lap. I wonder if she knows she is going to the v-e-t tomorrow...

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