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» Saturday, May 29, 2010
Timin' Out at Timegate
We are at present sitting in a panel called "The World of Harry Potter," right now talking about the new theme park "world" at Universal in Florida. We have just finished the buffet breakfast, a very good bargain for the price. There are eggs, bacon, potatoes, grits, cereal, oatmeal, waffles, fruit, and yogurt. Kim joined us for breakfast, and the Spiveys showed up while we were eating, so it was another good meal with good conversation.

We started our Timegate experience yesterday afternoon, as we headed cross town with trepidation against the traffic, but it wasn't as bad as we feared. Earlier in the day, around two o'clock, I-285 showed on the traffic map as dead red from Roswell Road all the way around to Northlake Mall (about eight miles).

So we arrived and registered, then had the dinner buffet, which had roast chicken and an absolutely exquisite pork roast. Well worth the money. The Skidmores walked in just as we were finishing, so we stuck around while they had dinner and has the chocolate cake dessert. Kim came along at that point, so we had some nice conversation.

James went to a 30th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back panel while I went to a "Sequels We'd Like to See" panel for Doctor Who. All I can say is a sequel should not feature any more Daleks (and they've already broken that)! Really, I would like to see a sane Master again.

When the panel finished I did a short turn around the Dealer's Room, and then wandered into the video room where James was sitting watching Empire and watched myself for a bit. Then it was time for the Torchwood panel. We spent quite a bit of time talking about "Children of Earth" and a future for the series, whether it takes place in the UK or the US. (Oh, please. Not with LA as a location. LA is a freakin' location for everything. Why not Chicago? I'd love it in Boston, myself!) (Heck, set it in Providence. It would tie in with Lovecraft.)

We did stay for the panel "British Shows You Never Knew You Never Knew," which featured Louis Robinson, who used to work for the BBC. Any panel Louis is on is super. One of the other panels, Sasha, had compiled a list of shows, including a great number of radio series. I think we as Americans are poorer in the entertainment department in that the British still do radio drama: book adaptations both classic and new, and original scripts. It's really a shame. Apparently much of the radio stuff is still online at the BBC, and there are many clips on YouTube. Louis had some great stories to add about various performers, including the fact that he accidentally went to Benny Hill's funeral and he was one of only four mourners.

So we got home wayyyyy after eleven and pretty much immediately went to bed.

There's a Disney panel next, so will probably stick around for that. We are just finishing talking about the Potter books and films.

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