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» Saturday, May 01, 2010
Surprises and Saturdays
This morning started early, since it was both Hair Day and the first day of the Marietta Farmer's Market. We had gone to bed about one, so getting up at 8:20 was not fun.

When we opened the garage door to head out, last night's surprise was still there. Last evening I had scolded myself for putting on my shirt inside out as we prepared to go out for supper. My mom used to say the old superstition was if you put on a piece of clothing inside out, you would get a surprise. Well, boy, did we: after supper at Fresh2Order, a trip into Costco to get garbage bags, and a brief stop at Borders (yeah, I got Heat Wave after all), we headed home only to find something that hadn't been there when we left home at 5:30: a For Sale sign on the Robinsons' house next door. Total shock.

It was a cool, drizzly morning: if more spring days were like this, I wouldn't mind spring at all. We had to do a quick round of the Farmer's Market: picked up sun goat pesto to bring to Hair Day, some bread, and two Napoleons from the pastry sellers as a dessert treat. Next week we will need veggies and potatoes and can also peruse at our leisure.

One man was selling ready-to-plant flowers, and had a bridal wreath plant like the one we had growing in our front yard when I was a kid. We always called it the "Bridal Veil" bush. When its blooming season was over it would send tiny petals of white "snow" all over the lawn. So pretty.

We headed to Ron and Lin's house through the back, Polk Street to Whitlock, and then to Villa Rica Road, the latter which is lined with small holdings, several of the places having horses. At least two mares had foals at heel; one was taking breakfast from mom as we passed.

We had a nice time at Hair Day, although at least one friend is chafing at longstanding mobility restrictions due to surgery needed on a foot (unfortunately her bone graft is not "taking"), and another friend has an injured knee which he is still not allowed to bend for another four weeks. Yet a third friend had developed a cyst behind her knee and is in pain when she moves. It has not been a good few months for our friends and right legs! The entree was sandwich fixings, and we brought nibblies: crackers with the sun goat pesto as well as lobster spread from Costco.

Later in the afternoon we went out to the hobby shop. I had slept badly and just sat in the car alternately reading the new issue of Real Simple and dozing off. We also stopped at a Hallmark store to get a few goodies for Mother's Day, popped in Borders, and finished at Trader Joe's for tomorrow night's supper, and for James to buy something for tonight. He decided on Chinese, which was eaten much later since we were still full from lunch, and I had the bowl of creamy chicken vegetable soup I bought along with my long plate last night at Fresh2Order, with nice crusty French bread "zooped" into it. Yum.

Watched a bunch of things backlogged on the DVR: last night's Jeopardy, the "Inside Look" from "The End of Time," Graham Norton's show with David Tennant (and his charming real-life Scots accent) that ran concurrently with "The End of Time," last night's DIY channel premiere of the Desperate Landscapes episode where they redid Penn Jillette's front lawn, which basically looked like a moonscape, and Monday night's Animal Cops Houston, where cocker spaniels were rescued from horrible conditions—one poor dog was covered with mats of urine and feces in its fur so bad that it had maggots.

By the time we got done with that it was time for Stossel, which I watched while on chat.

Incidentally, saw the Kentucky Derby this evening, which I have not done for years. Apparently there had been a downpour all afternoon and the track looked like soupy chocolate. As the horses paraded to the post they left thousands of sharp-edged hoofprints in the muck. However, the sun had come out just in time for the race, but it didn't help much: by the time the horses reached the finish line their beautiful glossy coats were all the same color of the mud.

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