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» Sunday, May 30, 2010
Sunday, Sunday
Managed to make it through the night only waking up once, and then twelve minutes before the alarm, and no software dreams. Mouse did work when I booted up to check e-mail, but computer locked up in the now-usual five minutes while I went to re-tie the dog's shirt. James is now wondering if one of the memory sticks has gone bad because apparently they do manifest problems oddly. Like that or not, the hard disk still has to be redone. Bother.

I did not mention yesterday that I did stick around to seeing the Disney panel. Seemed to spend a lot of time wondering about who is the mysterious "they" who decides not to release classic Disney material or work in 2D animation. Frankly, as much as I loved Up and Finding Nemo, I'm about sick to death of 3D animation. It's now as ubiquitous as limited animation was in the 60s, without the clever scripts.

Louis Robinson showed up at the Disney panel about halfway through, asking about the mysterious "they," and his panel about commissioning scripts at the BBC was next. No one was there for instruction; we were just looking for Louis' wonderful stories about working there. The "commissioning" process seems to work under one rule: give them what they want, not what you have created. But any panel Louis does is invariably entertaining, and he had some amusing (but ultimately sad) producer stories.

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