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» Thursday, May 13, 2010
Spring of My Discontent
Actually, I pulled down all the indoor spring decorations at lunch time. They were making me morose. The best thing about spring so far has been seeing fledgelings come to the bird feeder, still fluttering their wings at Mom and Dad, begging to be fed. The parent birds are incredibly patient—after a while, you would figure they would peck them: "You're sitting on the feeder! Feed yourself!"

Been irritable and "off" since I was sick in February. I'm pretty sure now I had the flu sans fever. The hot flashes feel worse, not better, compounding the hot feeling on my skin that I've had since my thyroid was removed. Bleah. Heat.

We have succeeded in keeping Willow in her shirt. She seems resigned to it. If I hit Walmart tomorrow I may buy her one that fits, maybe a women's small. James said I should try to find one that says "Bad to the bone." :-)

Listened to podcasts as I worked today: "This Week in Tech," a "Hardcore History" about the Apaches, "Mugglenet," the Whocast that was broadcast after the airing of the second part of "The End of Time," a BBC history magazine broadcast for this month, and Leo LaPorte's "Tech Guy."

Watched American Experience about the history of American whaling: a combination of a general history, the specific incidence of the whaleship Essex (as written about by Nathaniel Philbrick, who appeared in the program), and pieces about Herman Melville and Moby-Dick, which was based on Essex. The person narrating/glimpsed briefly as Melville was so familiar that I went scrambling to PBS's website: well, yes, of course it was Robert Sean Leonard.

The new theme song to American Experience sucks.

It looks like they are going to do "Hurricane of '38" next week in widescreen. A pity Dish doesn't show GPB or WPBA in widescreen, or I could re-record it.

Oh, and my copy of Lillian Gilbreth's biography came today. Looking forward to reading that. Has photos of the real Cheaper by the Dozen children.

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