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» Sunday, May 02, 2010
The Sound of Sunday
Just a usual Sunday: sleeping late, dawdling through breakfast, fiddling with FarmVille, finally picking up to go on the grocery run. We were more reluctant this morning as it was quite warm and humid, sun going in and out against the gusting wind that is preceding a series of thunderstorms which will, of course, strike tomorrow morning during rush hour. Joy.

Stopped at Publix for the twofers (which included Zataran's and Uncle Ben's rice), then hopped across the street to Kroger for gasoline and cheap milk, yogurt, and other items, then came home. And that would have been it, except that I needed gasoline myself.

We had a $3 off $15 coupon for CVS, too, so we took my car and stopped there first. Unfortunately, nothing we needed was on sale. I did get some medicine that I needed, but it wasn't $15 worth. Then James wandered into the "as seen on TV" aisle.

If we are out on Saturday evenings or Sunday afternoons, we like to listen to the "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me" podcast that I download every week. In my car I have a cassette/CD player, so I can plug the phone into the cassette adapter and hear the show over the car's speakers. But James' truck only has a CD player, so usually I just turn the phone on as loud as I can and hold it up between us. But if it rains, or the road is bumpy—well, there's only so much a phone speaker can do.

So my eyes lit on this Jupiter Jack gadget they advertise, for talking on your cellphone and leaving you hands-free. Well, neither of us talk on the phone while driving, but I wondered if this would work for listening to podcasts. And since the gadget was only $10...

And you know what, it works perfectly! You plug it into your headphone jack—if it doesn't fit, it comes with at least five adapters (one which fit my phone jack perfectly)— and then set it to one of two frequencies, and we listened happily to "Wait, Wait" while we stopped at the bank and at BJs for gas, and when we got home, James tucked it in the truck for the future.

And now we're home and listening to a past "This Week in Tech" from the Consumer Electronics about something I would love to go to sometime!

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