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» Sunday, May 23, 2010
Sizzlin' Sunday illustrated one of the problems about summer: dashing home from the grocery store with perishables. We did stuff the ice cream and the pork ribs into an insulated bag, but still had to book to get the milk home, stuffed into the floor of the cab sharing space with my feet with the A/C roaring.

We went to BJs first for tea, cheese, and eggs, and discovered some nice bone-in ribs, which James later made on the grill, basted in honey teriyaki, then swung by Kroger for milk, bananas, produce, etc. Ended up spending $$ instead of $ by using some excellent coupons ($1 off Downy is always good).

Oh, and found third season of The Muppet Show at BJs as well!

When we had all the perishables stuffed into the fridge and the rest of the groceries put away, we drove out to Fry's. James wanted to check a few things out, and it gave us an opportunity to walk around in air conditioned comfort. While it wasn't as humid as yesterday, it sure was hot: went up to 89°F eventually. And it's not yet June.

During dinner we watched a Banacek episode, and then followed with a few episodes of The Muppet Show from first season.

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