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» Monday, May 24, 2010
The last few years I rue almost every day those long steps I used to take when I was in a hurry to do something. I was doing it one day, on the way upstairs to take inventory at work, almost twenty years ago. It was two days before my birthday, on which my mom was going to take me to see A Christmas Carol at Trinity Square Playhouse.

My troublesome right knee locked and I landed face-first on the concrete floor of the shipping room at Trifari. I had three stitches taken in my nose, and it pushed one side of my nose up.

These days that "bump" where my nose got pushed up hurts almost all the time, especially when there are thunderstorms in the area. It was hurting today on the way home so much that when I got to a red light, I tore some tissue from the box in my car and pleated a strip to make a pad between my glasses and my nose. Bleah.

Going to work and heading home has been made more difficult by a slight detour: they have closed Smyrna-Powder Springs Road at the bridge near Benson Poole Road. The road has been a wreck since winter, when they began straightening the corner of Benson Poole. That is finished, although not done, enough to use Benson Poole as a detour now. But the rest of the road is horrible; they have dug up both sides, strewn straw over front yards that used to be grass, and cut down all the beautiful old trees that overhung the bridge. In the fall they made a lovely arch over the bridge in oranges and yellows, looking for brief seconds like you were on a country road, and now it is clear-cut and bleak. It will be closed, supposedly, until August 1. Most of the time they pull these dates back one to two months when they are almost finished, but August 1 will almost be the beginning of school here and the school buses will need to get at the three apartment complexes at that intersection, so maybe it will be done on time.

Turned out I was about two cars behind James taking the detour and beeped at him when I rolled behind him in the turn lane.

And then to top it all my desktop computer died tonight. I turned it on, downloaded and read e-mail, then was going to go into Farmville when the computer locked up. It's been doing this since March, so I turned it off for a few minutes, turned it back on, and on the opening screen as it started to boot up, all of a sudden zeros ran in a horizontal line along the bootup screen, and symbols in a vertical row to the right, and there it quit. And wouldn't come back up. I wasn't even getting power to the monitor.

We tried another monitor and that wouldn't go on, so it's not that. Wondering if it might be the video card. I can buy one and try it. If it doesn't work it can always be the starter piece for a new unit. Still...bother.

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