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» Monday, May 31, 2010
Never a Dull Moment
Sleeping late was the only thing restful about today. Five minutes into booting up my computer, it locked up. Turned it back on, and it worked fine...until the mouse locked up. This is a new wrinkle. Swapped the wireless mouse for the wired mouse, which worked a bit longer...and then that locked up. A PS2 mouse will work, but not USB. Even after we went out for an hour, the mouse would not work after we rebooted. And when we rebooted, the computer said it was June 1!

I can't work this way. So we have fixed it, in a way that causes James the minimum work. And now it's time to reload, and reload, and reload.

Finally got some things cleaned off the floor, but there was no time to vacuum. The house is a wreck.

James grilled the steak I found on Friday, and we had corn on the cob along with it, with a watermelon chaser and two mint-filled dark chocolate squares as a treat, and we spent the rest of the evening watching the rest of the Matt Smith Doctor Who episodes aired on BBC America so far, except for "Vampires of Venice." Wow, talk about going from the ridiculous to the sublime. I absolutely hated, hated, hated "Victory of the Daleks," and not because I despise the Daleks. This was utterly stupid, although the gentleman who played Winston Churchill was quite good in the role. What a waste of a World War II setting, especially after having seen things like "The Empty Child." The two-parter about the Weeping Angels was quite suspenseful, although part of the suspense was carried by this year's story arc, not by the angels. Rather gobsmacked by the final five minutes of "Flesh and Stone," though.

Oh, to add insult to injury, we haven't been able to use Dish all day. The DVR is fine, but it will only tune in a few channels. The problem doesn't seem to be in the receiver, but in the dish itself (which is a relief because of all the things on the DVR). We called Dish and we have to pay to have a technician come and look at the thing! It was fine last night when we were watching the National Memorial Day Concert and the news, but it never came on this afternoon. Some channels say "We're working hard to restore this service," and when James called Dish and they walked him through a test, the two feeds check out okay, but a message says we are not getting access from all satellites. He's checked the dish itself from the ground; it looks okay. Weird.

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