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» Friday, May 14, 2010
Losing My Mind...and My Patience
I am losing my mind. I swear.

I got up, had my oatmeal and yogurt, and set out for Walmart. Before I left, I stuck the Borders "free book" receipt in my pouch.

Skimmed through WallyWorld. Still no entryway rugs I like. Need to look at another Walmart. Found small shirts for $4; bought Willow a purple one. Like Londo Mollari, "in purple [she is] stunning." Put the yogurt and the sugar-free pudding, etc. in an insulated bag inside an insulated bag. Went to Borders. Indeed you did have to buy a book $15 or under. No buying one over the price and paying the rest, so no Wilderness Warrior for me. Finally picked out Bill Bryson's travel in Europe book, which I've been considering a while, plus this month's British Country Living and Shop Smart. To make it all $30, I bought a small gift for someone.

When I got up to the counter I realized I didn't have the Borders receipt, I had the Radio Shack receipt. Gah.

So I left my purchase with them, went home, put up the freezer and fridge stuff, did the survey on the Radio Shack receipt to get the coupon it offered, picked up the Borders coupon, then went out to finish my errands: picked up the books, then went to BJs for Chex. They had a coupon for omeprazole, so I bought more.

Then I came home past Kroger. With the 10ยข discount, gas was cheaper there, so I filled up, then parked and went inside for milk, etc. When I got back outside, with milk, and ice cream cups, and a pot pie for lunch, and other frozen stuff, some utter git had parked so close to me that I couldn't get in my driver's side door, even without my pouch on. I finally had to get in through the passenger side and climb over the gearshift stick. And phooey on you, too.

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