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» Saturday, May 08, 2010
Little Lost Dog
Willow's not lost physically, but she's still a bit out of it.

The vet called James back this afternoon to say she was just coming out of the anesthesia, she was fine, and we probably could pick her up at 6:45 and take her home. So when he got back from the hobby shop, I was much refreshed from a two-hour nap, and we had a light supper, then drove back out to Dunwoody.

Willow came out on her feet, but looking like she was under the influence. This did not keep her from, after the bill was paid (it went to four figures, as I expected), immediately heading for the door and the verge around the parking lot, to do her dog duty in marking the dirt.

She rode all the way home leaned against me. Looks like me on Monday morning, blank eyed and sleepless although she's been asleep for a while. She climbed the stairs one by one, had a drink, and has been wandering around, a bit lost, all evening. The vet technician said she would still be a bit drugged all night, and she's acting like it. She slept a little, but mostly wanders about looking a bit puzzled.

It is cool enough that we have opened the windows; it is supposed to go down to 49• tonight! I am listening to podcasts: "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me," "A Way With Words," the February 1 edition of "This Week in Tech."

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