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» Saturday, May 29, 2010
Good Day, Bad Computer
Just got home about a half hour ago. We stayed to see the cabaret and the very short masquerade. They gave away some door prizes, and I won a collectible from Stargate, three actual "replicators" used on the set. I never watched Stargate and would have rather won one of the Doctor Who gifts. Lo and behold, one of the folks who won a Doctor Who book asked me if I would trade with him because his girlfriend loves replicators. So I now have a copy of the big Time Travelers Guide by Peter Haining. Cool.

Didn't attend a lot of panels today because Ann and Clay came in for the day and we sat with them and the Spiveys a lot of the afternoon just talking. Aubrey went with me to the "Fifth Season" panel with first impressions of the eleventh Doctor and Amy, and of Stephen Moffat's style so far. Then we had dinner with Ann and Clay, and later on went to the cabaret, which is done for charity. Professor Satyre did interstices between performances, which included Hyperdrive doing some rock offerings; Dominic Glynn, who did music for Doctor Who, doing a piano piece very reminiscent of George Winston; Louis Robinson with three guitar offerings, including a funny song about the Queen as a "franchise"; and Carmen Argenziano doing improv with members of the audience. We've never done the cabaret before; it's always been too late or I got sick or some other damnfool thing.

So we got home and Willow was happy (probably because it was thundering earlier) and I got on the desktop to pay a bill and of course it eventually locked up, and I turned it off, and turned it on, and it was working fine as I checked the comics—and then the mouse locked up and even after I rebooted wouldn't work. Gah.

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