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» Wednesday, May 05, 2010
Fun With Podcasts
Podcasts are a good combination with advertising requirements, contacting vendors, assembling clearance forms, and other work. Today, so far, I have listened to:

Two "minicasts" of "A Way With Words."

A "Pet Life" "Wings and Things" podcast called "Seven Days in Parrot-dise."

And now edition 640 of Leo Laporte "The Tech Guy"—streaming TV, Google Buzz and more.

I listened to these podcasts on April 21, but never did post:

"A Way With Words" from 2009, talking about sayings like "duck on a June bug," children's nursery rhymes, a derivation of chicken pilau, etc.

The rest of what was the most recent "This Week in Tech" from when we drove up to Helen, mostly talking about the iPad, and of course audio books since the sponsor is

A "Wings and Things" broadcast about birdproofing your home.

Episode 3 of "A History of the World in 100 Objects," in which our host holds a stone tool from Olduvai Gorge (!!!).

"This Week in Tech" last podcast of 2009...talking about going to the Consumer Electronics Show (...drool...) and mentioned Comdex...miss Comdex, driven out of Atlanta because the city preferred the company of drunken teenagers over businesses.

Edition 639 of "Leo Laporte the Tech Guy."