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» Sunday, May 16, 2010
Food for All
Ah, well, ended up going shopping again today, but not for us. When I refilled the bird feeders yesterday, I could see the bottom of the seed container. What we had left in birdseed probably would not last the week. So after breakfast we went to Lowes and bought a big bag of wild bird seed, a smaller bag of safflower seed, and a bag of the Scott's finch mix, which is the size seed that Schuyler gets along with niger seed to attract the goldfinches.

Incidentally, I love the French words for wild birds: oiseaux sauvages. I laugh to think of the little birds being "savages." It always sounds so proper in French. I remember my Douay translation of the 23rd Psalm: "In verdant pastures he gives me repose."

We made a brief stop at Borders for James to use his free book coupon. He is getting the itch to have a container garden—I apparently missed the Italian gene for gardening completely—and bought a "square foot" gardening book as well as a book about scare tactics. I found a bargain book called Inventory that will be perfect as a bathroom book: it's from the people who do "The Onion" and is humorous lists. How can you not love a book with a list called "6 Keanu Reeves Movies Somehow Not Ruined by Keanu Reeves"?

When I went to BJs on Friday they had a $4 coupon off omeprazole, so I had bought a box. Well, inside the box was a $5 coupon off. So we stopped by BJs and I bought another box, using both the $5 coupon and the $4 one. $22 worth of medicine for $11. Can't beat that.

Stopped at Publix for some twofers, and then we were done.

When we got home we refilled the birdseed container. This involves pouring in a partial portion of seed, stirring, pouring in another type of seed, stirring, etc., until all is mixed. In the meantime the birds wanted to visit the feeder and were vexed: the moment they saw us they would make a speedy U-turn and return to the trees, chipping disconsolately. But soon they had the feeders to themselves.

I also did something for James that I had done for myself: created an emergency list within a emergency folder on his phone. There is now a folder on both of our phones called "ICE" (in case of emergency), which I understand that EMTs look for if you are involved in an accident and cannot communicate with them. Inside the folder is a direct dial to 911 and also a text file which contains our doctor information, our allergies, our prescription drugs, our OTC drugs, and any other notations, like the fact that we both still have an appendix. Makes me feel better.

We did other fiddly things today, like refilling water bottles and restocking meds, and I washed towels. We had half of a turkey pot pie for supper, from Paul's Pot Pies at the Farmer's Market, along with a salad, and watched something on the Science Channel about James Cameron looking at Titanic. These are the clearest photos of Titanic I have ever seen. They found the cabin the Strauses had, with the fireplace almost still intact and the gilt clock still sitting on the mantel, and the Turkish bath, with its tiles still vividly blue. Wow!

We tried taking the shirt off Willow tonight, and she almost immediately began to scratch again, so she will, unfortunately, have to go back into her shirt.

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