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» Saturday, May 08, 2010
Far From Home
We awoke at the darkest of hours for a Saturday morning (6:30 a.m.) in order to take Willow to the vet to have her teeth cleaned and have the "old dog" moles removed. She was waiting for us at the gate, hungry and thirsty, since she was on nothing by mouth after midnight, and we totally betrayed her trust by James taking her out, and then our proposing "Do you want to ride in the truck?"

There was a cool front coming through, and we rode across town with the windows open, happily enjoying the cool green smell and the scent of privet and honeysuckle that is in full bloom. The privet doesn't grow in neat hedges here, but wild at the side of the road and near fences in big bushes of tossing branches, so they are especially fragrant. Willow didn't question the ride, just occasionally turned to James with big questioning eyes, until we arrived at the vet and got through the door.

Then she tried to pull us out of there as quickly as possible, to no avail. They say they will call us when she is awake and they want to keep her overnight.

James had said he was craving an omelet from Golden Corral, so we went to the one near Gwinnett Mall for breakfast, then hit Fry's because he needed a DVD drive for his computer; his has died. I broke down and got a new Sirius radio. It's no use in my having an XM Radio now that they are the same service, and I can put the monthly fee to better use. I actually still have a Sirius radio, but it's in vertical format and had to mount it on the dashboard, and with me being such a shrimp, it annoyed me when I drove. It's also a royal pain in the butt to change channels. The new one will mount on the vent like the old one and there are simple buttons to press to change channels; you can actually enter channel numbers, which you can't do with the vertical one. Anyway, four months without an XM account will pay for the radio.

(SiriusXM states there is a Droid app coming out soon. If it offers the same service I will give the radio to James and just use my phone.)

We made a short stop at Barnes & Noble, and then, with much reluctance since we were sleepy, decided to go out to the DeKalb Farmer's Market, since we were on that side of town anyway and we are out of boneless skinless turkey thigh. It is hard to find and when we do find it, DeKalb is always cheaper. Also got some fruit and veg since we missed the Farmer's Market this morning, a baguette, and some small desserts from the coffee bar.

Came home, put up the perishables, and James went off to the hobby shop. I was thinking about a nap, but nature called instead, and I spent the time regaining all my favorite Xiia Live radio channels which I stupidly deleted last night. Discovered there's a channel that is just all the songs/soundtracks from the various Disneyland/Disney World rides. Lots of 40s channels, of course, and OTR and smooth jazz.

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