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» Wednesday, May 26, 2010
End of the Day
I have finished with work and am reading True North, which makes me feel abashed about complaining of stomach cramps and nausea; it's the story of an ad man who left his rat-race job after the crash and moved to Labrador, where he met and married an Australian mission nurse. The book is actually about the hunting trip they took into the wild with one of the trappers and of the hardship and beauty they experienced.

When I put my things up and took Willow outside, the sky had developed a grey tonsure and it was starting to rain, the drops hitting the hot concrete and evaporating as quickly as they struck. The air had that sharp water scent it develops before the rain, sweet and stinging all at once. I hustled Wil in the back yard and ducked under the second floor overhang to keep dry. The birds were still darting at the feeder despite the rain.

Darn, there's thunder out there...

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