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» Friday, May 14, 2010
A Dinner and a Stroll
Dinner was at Giovanni's. This is a little hole-in-the-wall Italian place near BJs and the food is magnificent. Tonight I had lobster ravioli in a "pink" sauce and James had chicken lasagna. I had a small lunch, so ate all five of my crammed-full ravioli, and the sauce was delicious.

The stroll was at WalMart, the one at Powder Springs and the Connector, since I had not known James needed juice. Did get a new entry rug and another for the back door, but I will need to take it back; it's too small. While we were there, we got James a new pair of slippers. The last pair we bought him had black soles, and they have made a grubby mess of the carpeting; the black has rubbed off in spots, especially near the recliner and near his computer. Anywhere he might have rubbed or pressed his slippered feet has black marks. These slippers are very light tan.

We got a phone call at Giovanni's from the closing company and at home from the attorney, and we should be, cross fingers, signing the refinancing papers next Wednesday.

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