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» Sunday, May 09, 2010
A Cool and Groovy Morning (and Frustrating Afternoon)
Well, cool at least! It was only 58°F out when we got up at nine. James made buckwheat pancakes again...light and tender. My Mother's Day gift from Schuyler was a kiss, and from Willow the fact that she was definitely feeling better. I couldn't sleep for thinking about her, and I got up before James did to give her breakfast and her antibiotic and analgesic. I put each pill in a Greenies Pill Pocket and she swallows them like candy; two chews and a gulp. Is there such thing as catnip for dogs—'cause if there is, this stuff has it! And she mooched food from us all morning.

Then the usual Sunday trip to Publix for twofers and Kroger for the rest. Came back through Jim Miller Park to see the progress on "the ditch." Put the groceries away.

Then we went back out to Bed, Bath and Beyond. I had a $5 off $15 coupon, and James needed something to use on the grill for small things that might fall between the grill bars (we had bought some chicken tenders and he wants to grill them). We got a small pan with a handle, and also more of the tape that secures rugs.

On the way back we stopped at Cumberland Mall to go to Radio Shack. Got a vent mount to hold the Droid. Will be useful for using the navigation function. Some users on recommended this one, a "Bracketron." There is also one which mounts through the power jack.

When we got back we pulled the old XM antenna off the car and took the radio out. After lunch we're going to install the new Sirius one and then go through the activation hoops (since I need to activate one and cancel the other). It's just a little over four years since I subscribed to XM. It was a nice four years (well, three years, since the suck-ass Sirius schedule began last year). Bye, guys.

[Later: Sheesh. They say installing these things is sooooo easy. As if. First we had to get the antenna fastened to the car, then wind it under the molding to the front of the car. The clips on the vent clip mount didn't fit my vent slots and the radio was wobbling horribly. James unfastened the clips from the old XM mount and they slipped into the slot for the Sirius clips, and it fastens it down better. Then we had trouble tuning in the radio to use the FM modulation to play the satellite radio through the speakers. We never did find a channel that was static free; we think this is deliberate because they don't want you doing that anymore. So I just used the cassette adapter. Then I called to get the new radio activated and the old one deactivated. Since I didn't know the number of the old one—I don't even know where the old one is since I've been using the XM radio—I had to tell the Sirius guy which serial number I didn't want to cancel. So that was done. Then I tuned in the radio. This one has only ten presets, but I never listened to most of the others anyway. I have preset NPR, Radio Classics, the Standards channel (Siriusly Sinatra), 40s on 4, Escape, Watercolors (cool jazz), Spa (New Age), classical pops, and for when James drives, 60s on 6 and Classic Vinyl (if you flip up one channel on the Classic Vinyl preset, you get Deep Tracks, which he also likes). The radio I bought has a "jump" which will take you to a preset traffic channel and then jump you back to the station you were listening to, so I didn't need to preset the traffic channel.

This all took two hours!

Then I came in and called XM to cancel...and that, as they say, is that.]

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