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» Thursday, May 27, 2010
[black mark over my head]
Gah. Spent four and a half solid hours, including my lunch hour, working on something that had to be awarded today. Most of it took so long because ICE decided to erase an entire memo I wrote, and then an entire seven-page purchase order. When I got the original order done, I realized I couldn't do it because something had been done that can't be done in the system. So I made two phone calls, then looked back at the order and realized I could do it a different way because it was all under one accounting code. So it had to be completely copied and pasted from the old order and then edited into the new order.

Then when I submitted it and it was pulled up for signature, everything I had done was gone. This happened twice, but the second time it was still saved on my computer. ICE gets a big fat "F" for today.

The frightening thing is that we have been told that the replacement scheduled for ICE is worse.