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» Saturday, May 15, 2010
All On a Saturday
Up early for the Farmer's Market this morning, but, again, not much time to walk slowly and enjoy it, as James had to be at work at eleven. James got a homemade turnover for lunch, and we bought sweet corn, honey, and a pot pie. Dozens of dogs at the market today: Golden retrievers, two paired corgis with dazzling smiles, a black cocker spaniel, three greyhounds from Greyhound Rescue, and others.

It was already humid and sticky by the time we left; got home and James left for work. I had breakfast, then decided to go to Costco to see if they had Wilderness Warrior. Wandered about, tasted the samples, found the book, and also bought soap and paid this year's membership. On the way home, stopped at Barnes & Noble. Found a book called A Flaw in the Blood, a mystery involving Queen Victoria and the death of Prince Albert, on the remainder rack, and also found The Lost Summer of Louisa May Alcott at a big discount. Since I'm crazy about material about Alcott, and Victoriana interests me, I got both.

Then just came home; it was not even one and already too steamy to be out. Dubbed off Rick Sebak's A Flea Market Documentary and then started on Castle. Forgot that "The Third Man" had sound missing until the first commercial. Hope they repeat it!

[Coda: have all Castle eps except the last four, one of which is on Monday—and the bad one, of course. They've already repeated it, but maybe something will come up in the summer. James got home at 8:30 with the pizza we'd ordered. Had a good time on chat.]

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