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» Saturday, April 10, 2010
Sunny and Sixties
Since summer must always come, it couldn't get any better than be like today May through September: 60s, a breeze, the sun warm instead of scalding.

Sadly, the pine pollen precluded having the windows open. I opened them after the rain and they were ajar for about seven hours. In those seven hours, even after the rain, the windowsills became coated with yellow. Ugh. So the windows stay closed.

After what is getting to be the usual Saturday lunch—one plain junior hamburger, a Mandarin orange cup, and a milk—we went to the hobby shop, where the guys jawed while I read my Country Sampler and Early American Life. Then we went out to the Borders at East Cobb.

Way back when James was working at SPD, he brought me a CD from the adjoining pawn shop. It was called "Pachebel's Greatest Hit" and had a funny graphic for a cover: eight "cannons" in a pile, and was a collection of Pachebel's "Canon in D" (otherwise known to past television commercial fans as "the GE Soft White Light Bulb song) done in different arrangements: symphonic, done as a pop song, by James Galway, etc.

Today in Borders I found "Pachebel's Greatest Hit, the Ultimate Collection." It not only has more variations on a theme, but it has the cutest "Mutts" cover. Had a coupon...

We stopped by Michaels for a few minutes so I could buy a few of those foam visors the kids use to make crafts at camp. I have one of these things at work to keep the fluorescent lights out of my eyes, and another in my car. I wanted a couple more, at least one to keep in James' car to keep the sun out of my eyes when I forget my hat.

And finally we stopped at Trader Joe's for groceries, then came home. Had the leftover Easter ham for supper and listened to podcasts. Finally James went downstairs to the "man cave" and I started dubbing off McBride again.

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