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» Sunday, April 25, 2010
The Rest of the  Story  Weekend
We had supper Saturday night at the Sweet Tomatoes at Town Center; haven't been there in a dog's age. The place is looking a bit the worse for wear these day, but the salads and soup were good. The weather had not cleared much; the sky was steel-grey with low clouds scudding by as we emerged. I needed a couple of things at JoAnn, so we stopped there for a few minutes; also picked up a couple of new cross-stitch magazines. James got a neat slow-cooker cookbook: some of the illustrations are vintage magazine advertisements for stoves, foods, etc. The skies had opened while we were in the store, stopped once we emerged, and was now raining again once we left the parking lot, so I let James go into Hobbytown himself while I read my Victorian London book.

Since there were good coupons this weekend, we stopped at Borders as well. We found a nice gift for James' mom and...ooooh, new Yankee!

Had a nice ride there and back listening to last week's Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me (which, BTW, has its own blog! check my blogroll).

Later had a great time on chat with Mike, Rodney, Jen and Emma, so much so that I stayed on until 1:30 a.m.

Last weekend, James bought some buckwheat flour at Nora Mill, and this morning he made buckwheat pancakes. These were soooooo good, light as that proverbial feather, just slightly sweet. Didn't even need butter, but just drabbled some real maple syrup on it, and with a glass of skim milk they were perfect. The IHOP should make every pancake like this.

Then it was off to Kroger for the usual grocery shopping trip, and a quick detour to BJs to get gasoline for the truck. Once we'd finished that errand and put all the groceries away, we had the rest of the afternoon for ourselves. I put on this week's episode of Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me and we zipped off in my car for some gasoline.

It was nice to have company, since the line at Costco's gas station was six cars deep in each line. No wonder, gas was 2.579, at least 15¢ cheaper than any other station in the area and 6¢ lower than BJs. We also stopped at Borders because I had seen a couple of things there I wanted to pick up as gifts. I also bought the book A History of the World in 6 Glasses (the drinks covered are beer (Ancient Egypt), wine (Classical Greece and Rome), spirits (Colonial period), coffee (the coffeehouse culture in both Europe and the US), tea (the China trade), and...Coca-Cola). Sounds intriguing, no?

Back at home, watched "False Flag" (Waking the Dead). I love this series. It doesn't assume you're an idiot, the lead male isn't a pretty boy, and the lead female is an older woman, not a "cougar" or some busty twenties blonde. Not to mention the other two female leads look like real women, not overly made-up bimbos.

James found some pre-marinated "bourbon chicken" leg quarters on sale at Kroger, and we had them for supper, done on the grill with two small ears of corn. The latter was rather insipid; definitely not corn season yet. It almost tasted presweetened. The chicken, on the other hand, was flavorful and juicy. I have some of the leftovers for sandwiches for work. Yum!

Watched "The Once and Future Queen" in our DVR cache of Merlin episodes. I sure hope Arthur gets smarts soon. He drives me nuts.

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