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» Monday, April 19, 2010
Oy, Day!
Just a usual Monday, waking up shell-shocked to a yammering alarm (James' has been hissing, which seems totally appropriate—turns out he had it switched to AM). Watched a lovely sunrise this morning: it looked like sedimentary layers at the Grand Canyon done in impressionistic style on the eastern horizon, lemons, saffrons, cantaloupes, pale scarlets, mauves, greys...stunning.

I parked the car, opened the passenger side door to retrieve my things—and only then noticed that I hadn't brought my folder with my work in it. ::groan:: Well, I couldn't do anything without it, so I turned around and headed home. Nearly an hour later (traffic westbound was wretched, worse than at night) I was home with my head pounding, and, due to frustrations, problems elsewhere, which I took care of immediately, then lay down to nurse my head.

Arrived back at work just before ten, with folder, only to find out that I couldn't get into ICE. If I can't get into ICE, I can't do any purchase orders: print out the ones I already finished, do the ones that were ready, print out the new ones, look up things for people, process payment authorizations. Nothing. Bother. Hoping it was just an "attachment" problem (it's happened before), I warm booted, then cold booted. Nothing.

Okay. Will clean out e-mail and answer messages from Friday. Did that. No ICE. Rebooted again. Nothing. Evidently the change of servers this weekend opted me out. Contacted the IT helpdesk.

Thankfully I had lots to do even with ICE not working: printing out attachments, answering correspondence, brewing up more 653 forms for Charlene to sign. Tried to get into ICE about quarter to two. Nothing. Rebooted. Nothing.

Help desk called after two, but couldn't do anything for me and escalated me to second tier. Continued a frustrating e-mail correspondence with a person. When finally I thought things were straightened out, I got another message which took us back to square one. Aieeee.

About quarter to four someone else called from the helpdesk. I read the error message to him, he paused, I received an e-mail which said "YOU HAVE BEEN ADDED..." just as he said, "Please restart your computer." I did.

ICE didn't.

He was quite nonplussed and said he would have to turn the problem over to his supervisor.

So I finished doing the report that I am supposed to do biweekly by hand (and frankly, liked doing it better that way). By then it was time to go home.

Traffic was better than this morning, and James made stir-fry chicken with Rice-a-Roni on the side. Yum. House, Castle and Antiques Roadshow tonight.

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