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» Thursday, April 29, 2010
Out of My Hair
I've finally finished an order that's been plaguing me since March. I've put everything in place carefully, so I hope nothing messes it up.

And did three other orders to boot, and have all my 653s back.

I'm sure some new crisis will come up on Monday, since that's the way it always goes.

I was counting on a full day tomorrow to do various errands, and now it turns out the appraiser (for the refinance of the mortgage) is coming tomorrow. Wheee. So much for going out when it's cool.

We got Sherlock Holmes from Netflix and watched it tonight. I'm...torn. I can't say I liked Downey's unshaven self, and he mumbled so much I found it difficult to understand him sometimes. If I ever watch this again, I'm doing it with closed captioning. On the other hand, the film does recognize that Holmes did have an athletic side: the books say he is skilled in boxing and fighting. On the third hand (hey, where did that come from?), I'm really fond of the idea of Dr. Watson not being a bumbling old idiot, and indeed a bit of an action man. It was as if they channeled Holmes and Watson through The Wild, Wild West (the steampunk look, the offbeat villains, and the fistfights), filtered it through Gregory House and James Wilson (the bantering), and then directed it back toward Victorian London. I also thought of Irene Adler more of a lady; she dressed more like a tart!

My favorite bit, actually, were the credits, where the stills turned into pen-and-ink/watercolor.

Plus the DVR recorded Rick Sebak's "A Flea Market Documentary" tonight. Now all I need is the cemetery one.

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