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» Monday, April 05, 2010
I Hate Dealerships
Just got a call from the dealership and am now boiling mad. "Repair consultant" tells me Chrysler will cover this, this, and this, but not the "trans pan" (which I assume means the transmission pan) because it it an aftermarket item, not a Chrysler part. Now I had a dream last night where they called and said something wasn't covered. I let out a big breath and asked "Is this 'trans pan' something that might be changed in the course of an oil change, or replacing tires, or fixing brakes?" Oh, no, he said.

Well, I answered, then aside from having oil changes, new tires, and a brake job, the only repairs that were ever done on that car were at your body shop in September 2004.

Big pause. He tried "Are you sure you didn't go to Marietta Dodge?" which made me furious. Marietta Dodge, now deceased, were the biggest crooks in town. I wouldn't have taken Osama bin Laden's car there, let alone my own.

So now he is off consulting with the body shop and I'm sitting here stewing. What a shame such a wonderful little car was made by such a bunch of schnooks.

(Excuse me, sir, sir...I'm a Federal employee...a little while ago MY boss just bailed out YOUR boss. So don't give me this crap, okay?)