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» Friday, April 30, 2010
A Hunting I Would Go
The hunting came later; the housework came first. The appraiser was coming this morning, so I had to swap what I'd planned for this afternoon to this morning. So I got up, swept and washed the kitchen floor, swept and tidied the hall bathroom, wiped around the master bath sinks, and vacuumed everywhere. By then it was 10:40, and I locked Willow in her crate with a couple of dog treats.

The "appraiser" turned out to be "appraisers" and right on time, what sounded like a married couple (they had the same last name, anyway). They measured things, checked out that the house was intact and that we lived here, and went on their way. I let Willow out when they came upstairs, and she barked at them, but behaved herself.

Once they were gone, I was free. Since we haven't been able to find C-9 bulbs individually, I went to Hobby Lobby to buy a new string of lights with the 40 percent off coupon. The replacement sets of bulbs would have probably cost as much as the string anyway; we need at least twelve.

Stopped at Borders with a hot 40 percent off coupon in my hand. I was thinking of buying Heat Wave, but I happened to wander by the science books and found something called The Mapmakers. One of the things I would have loved to do for a living would have been cartography, so this was immediately appealing. Then I noticed that the author was John Noble Wilford, who wrote We Reach the Moon, one of my favorite books since I was twelve years old.

Then I did the hunting: mushrooms, ibuprofin, etc. at BJs, and bought beef since we were completely out: some small round steaks, enough for three meals, and beef for stew that James will transform into stir fry beef, also enough for three meals.

Now I'm dubbing off the things that were at the end of the old McBride DVDs onto the new McBride DVDs: Burke's Law episode with Dean Stockwell, Bonanza episode with Lou Antonio, and John Larroquette on House and Chuck.

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