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» Friday, April 09, 2010
The Great--Yeah, Right--Outdoors
Tap-tap-tapped away at work today while waiting for the exterminator (he came the other day, but the gate was locked) to do the back of the house; not fancying ants in the kitchen, thank you.

I had another problem: while the Bermuda grass in the front yard has barely come out of hibernation, the fescue in the back yard looks like it's been on steroids. Some of it was almost taller than the dog. Now, I had misplaced the business card of the guy who cuts our lawn, and the phone number I had for him was wrong. I had a card for another lawn service, but when I called the number, the person only spoke Spanish.

Well, out of nowhere, Alex called wanting to know when I wanted him to cut the lawn! He even said he could come today. So I had the lawn cut. Went out there with the checkbook to wait for him to finish trimming the bushes, and in that time got caught in a cloud of pine pollen. Later, I was to regret this.

Anyway, fifteen minutes later, James arrived home. We were hoping to have dinner at Folks because we had a coupon, but wanted to avoid the Windy Hill location due to the traffic on Cobb Parkway. It looked like there was one in Mableton...oooops, maybe not. It was closed and turned into another restaurant (that was also closed).

We ended up at Giovanni's, a little Italian place we have been passing on the way to BJs (it's in a little strip shopping center off the driveway for BJs) for months. You get 15 percent off if you are a BJs member. The owner, who supervises the kitchen, is really named Giovanni and is Italian. James had the baked ziti and I had ziti and sweet Italian sausage in pomodoro sauce. It was fabulous! The sauce wasn't overly spiced, or peppery, and they had Romano cheese. Civilization!!!!!

Stopped at Borders on the way home. Woot! New Shop Smart and the April British Country Living. Found a cute-looking Christmas humor book in the bargain bin.

Once home watched most of Summer Magic on the Hallmark Movie Channel. I love this movie. Nothing really happens, just domestic drama of the most minor sort, but it makes me happy.

Just as the movie ended, the pollen took its revenge: my eyes began to swell and my nose run. And when I went to take an allergy pill I realized I hadn't taken one last night. Aieeeeeee!

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