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» Friday, April 02, 2010
Good (ness)! Friday
I always intend to observe a quiet time on Good Friday, to sit between noon and three reading something spiritual, or meditating. But another has passed without being able to make it.

I hurried through my breakfast this morning and took Twilight back to the car place. They drove me home and I finished putting up the rest of the Easter decorations, then finally packed up the rest of the winter decorations into the large plastic container (the smaller, flatter ones were already completed). It's like a puzzle: you have to figure out how to fit it all in.

By the time I was finished with this, and that, had used the bathroom, etc., the mechanic called me back. The leak was in the oil pan seal. I'd also asked them to see if they could figure out where the noise was coming from: the car has been terribly loud lately. Even James noticed it. Just a loud hum, and a vibration at 30 mph that vanished as speed increased. Turns out my front wheel bearings are bad. There's also a vaccuum leak in the throttle.

So is this covered by the extended warranty or not? I asked the mechanic if he would call up Chrysler, as he can more easily explain what is going on. But he called back saying the people at Chrysler wouldn't talk to him because he wasn't the customer. So I called them. Turned out I have a very good extended warranty; covers about 2000 things, everything mechanical.

So they came to pick me up (while I waited, I continued to work on my web pages, changing the copyright dates and doing some minor structural alterations), and I took the car over to Ed Voyles, which is the closest Chrysler service center. I like my mechanic, so leaving the car somewhere strange made me a bit jittery, but they all seemed nice. As I waited for the guy to shuttle me home, I was amused by everyone reading my bumper stickers.

I had the sun in my eyes all the way to Voyles and in the shuttle on the way home, so by the time I got in I had a screaming headache. Collected the mail—a cute Easter card from my cousin Debbie featuring her four dogs—then took three ibuprofin and lay down for a while. By then it was almost time for James to come home. Worked a bit more on the web pages.

We had supper at Shane's barbecue (I continued reading Good Book here; at least it was slightly appropriate for Good Friday), then came home in case the dealer called before they closed at seven. When they didn't, we went out grocery shopping. Had to do it all tonight or tomorrow since the stores are closed for Easter. We also had to get supplies for a fruit salad for Hair Day.

We arrived home to find a policeman running down our street, then a police car racing down to the cul-de-sac after him. There was already a police car down there. Apparently those creeps from the trailer park have been jumping the fence again down at that end and trying to break into the houses. Doesn't look like they caught anyone. :-(

Had a mad time trying to fit everything in the freezer and refrigerator. Yiii. We have pork chops and frozen dinners in the chicken bin, vegetables and ice cream in the pork bin, and what looks like no beef on the steak shelf.

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