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» Wednesday, April 07, 2010
Easy Being Green
While we were driving my car home from the dealership yesterday—horrible "hmmmmmm" from the worn rotors now gone, making the ride much pleasanter—I waved my arm toward the windshield. "James, look—it's green."

The green has come out of nowhere. Ten days ago it was still chilly and except for some brave tree blossoms, just buds were visible. Now the trees in the back yard are lacing pale green from tree to tree as I look over the deck and the bird feeders.

The pine pollen is out in full force. When they finished with the car yesterday, they parked it next to a wall under a line of trees. It probably wasn't out there two hours and it is covered with a fine yellow dust all over; there's even some inside. This morning, after breathing in even that little amount, I feel headachy and congested. Bleah. I'll have to take it out to "Mr. Clean" and get it vetted.

Even the bird feeders are gritty. I noticed that, although they are identical, the birds are patronizing the new squirrel-proof feeder more than the old one. The newer one is up much higher, as high as it can be and me still be able to reach it to refill (I have to balance on tiptoe), and I wonder if that is why it is favored. So I swapped the poles around so that the other feeder is almost as high as the new one, and the little copper feeder is the lowest. They only eat out of the copper feeder if there is nothing else in the others.

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