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» Sunday, April 11, 2010
Damn Blogger...
We went to Walmart. James got a good deal on shirts.

We went to the Container Store. Got an organizer for the truck and some hooks to keep things from falling out of the car seats. Replaced the coupon holder I stupidly forget at BJs last weekend.

Found a cute new cozy mystery series in Barnes & Noble.

Found the next Julie Kenner "Demon Hunter Soccer Mom" book in the bargain rack at Borders. Also bought a book on Victorian London with my coupon.

Came home. Tidied up the front seat of the truck with the organizer. Now I won't sit on that hairbrush anymore. :-) Cleaned out the big plastic container James uses as a trunk, too, so we can get more easily to the reusable bags.

Plus fixed the light string in the yard. It came free of its plug and fell, shattering three bulbs. Several others are broken internally but the string still works so that James has light in the back yard when he walks Wil at night.

Had oriental chicken and salad for supper tonight. Yummy! Also listened to a hilarous installment of "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me."

Even that little time out in the sun gave me a headache. I'd better sleep well tonight!

This was longer and funnier, but Blogger ate it. Phooey. Where's autosave when you need it?

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