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» Tuesday, April 13, 2010
The cutest thing happened at lunch. First I got out of the car and was about to cross the verge separating the parking lots when a robin came hopping up. I stood very still and he got within ten feet of me, concentrating on searching for a meal. He was looking very handsome, which means there are no fledglings running him ragged yet. Sadly, I had to move, and he flew away.

There is an overhang at the building entrance and as I stepped under it, I heard a steady chirp-chirp-chirp that sounded nearby. I took a few steps to the other door, previously used by another business which is now gone, looking up, expecting to see a little bird or a bird's nest, then looked down, and next to a capped drainpipe, camoflauged by pine straw, was a little brown bird with a spotted chest. I squatted down to see if it was hurt, and it stretched its little neck out at me like Schuyler does when she is curious, but didn't look at all afraid. I think it may have been a young one. I extended my hand—I was pretty much at arm's length of the little thing—and it flew away. How darling! It was tinier than Schuyler!