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» Wednesday, April 07, 2010
The Changing of the Guard
I washed all the jackets over the weekend and during lunch tucked them into the closet, winter coats on top of jackets, gloves and hats in the pockets of their corresponding garment so they will be available when fabulous fall weather rolls around again. I've pulled out the boonie hats and hung my broad-brimmed hat up so I can grab it when I have to go outside in the (ugh) sun.

Listened to the first episode of a fascinating podcast this afternoon: BBC4 is doing a new radio series called A History of the World in 100 Objects. Each week the commentator will go to the British museum and focus on a different historical object. Major coolness.

Last night's History Channel special on How The States Got Their Shapes was enjoyable, even if I was half asleep after four hours sleep the previous night. You learned a lot of history, including the names Thomas Jefferson proposed for the western states, where the states of Franklin and Jefferson were (and what happened to them), why some states have interesting notches or bumps in them (the one in western Pennsylvania, for instance, is there so Pennsylvania could have a port on Lake Erie after the canal was built). I may have to get the book now!

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